The Prepared Environment

After working many years in large, crowded classroom settings, I made it my goal to create a small, beautiful school where children in their critical, early formative years could optimize their development in a home-like setting.  Together with Lori, we are able to provide more time and attention to our students than was ever possible in large classroom environments.  Our outdoor area includes two large yards with an extensive wood play-set.  Our beautiful garden has been recognized by the Conservation@Home Foundation for its environmentally friendly landscape.  Here students can extend the learning environment to nature.  The areas of our environment include:

 Practical Life – the most important area for the development of the young child’s goals – the real life, self-care, and care of environment areas.

 Sensorial – hands on experiences that help the child to refine their sensorial impressions.

 Math – concrete manipulatives concentrating on the quantity and symbol of 1 - 10, teens, then 1 - 100.  Introduction on a concrete level to the decimal system, addition, subtraction and multiplication.  Problem solving, and the concepts of time and squaring numbers are presented.

 Language – a strong basis for phonetic reading with letter sounds, pre-reading exercises, word-building works for spelling and reading preparation, and structured reading and writing materials.

 Science & Nature – the underlying principles of nature, plants and the outdoor environment is provided in both the classroom and our outside garden area.

 Geography – the study of the universe, earth, continents and cultures of the world.

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