Morning Class
Montessori environments have specific goals that develop critical skills. These goals include:

· Concentration – a focus that will carry over to later academic work.

· Coordination – movement so important for the developing brain.

· Order – utilizing the child’s sensitive periods for development of the orderly, scientific mind.

· Independence – an attitude of self-teaching that will educate your child for a lifetime.

· Self-concept and love of learning – which will carry over to the school years and beyond.

These goals are accomplished in a mixed age group setting which benefits both the young observer and the older maturing child.  

Class size is limited to 12 students with 2 teachers. 

The Morning Class meets:
8:30-8:45 to 11:30-11:45 A.M. (times will be staggered for traffic purposes)
Tuesdays and Thursdays (2 day class)
Monday, Wednesday, Friday (3 day class)
Monday through Friday (5 day class)

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